Another Fiber Story

by Cynthia

I know I just recently shared a post about a yarn I spun from start to finish but here I am wanting to share another one. I hope you don’t mind! I’m enjoying journaling about these yarns almost as much as I am spinning them!

This particular yarn is spun with 100% BFL which I absolutely love to dye and spin with. It is so lovely to spin since it has those nice long fibers and it has a natural luster that make dyeing it so wonderful. It especially looks good in indigo in my opinion!

Long before I actually started spinning this yarn I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to attempt. I started by first naturally dyeing 4 ounces of BFL combed top.The slightly orange colored fiber was dyed using onion skins and the blue was dipped in my indigo vat.

To begin the spinning process of this yarn I first carded the two shades of BFL fibers together. I wanted them to blend but I also wanted a bit of the original colors to show through here and there. After carding all 4 ounces (two ounces of each color) into rolags and filling up my spinning basket I spun the fiber into a single ply yarn. The yarn is about a fingering weight.

I am really excited with the results I achieved. I just love the look of this yarn and keep admiring the way the colors came together. I will be putting this one in my Etsy shop as I am accumulating way too much yarn for my own personal use! But I am so very tempted to keep it all to myself!

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