Gratitude * Sunday

by Cynthia

naturally dyed polwarth fiber on my wheel


Today I’m again joining Taryn over at Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday.

Last week slipped by me so fast and I missed posting last Sunday. I’m barely making it in for today but really wanted to participate so here I am. I have been making a point to be more grateful each day as I have previously mentioned my family has been through some rough times this past month. I have even taken to jotting down each day what I’m grateful for before I go to bed. It does help in reminding you to see the good- even when life feels pretty bad. And there are moments of good when I stop to notice them.

This week I am most grateful for:

* the rhythm of my spinning wheel. I have been at my wheel whenever I can grab a spare moment and something about the rhythm of the wheel spinning, the steady swooshing sound it makes, and the feel of the fiber sliding through my fingers has been very soothing to my nerves.

* homeshcooling: (upon request) we recently studied (and studied) caterpillars and butterflies. (I thought it was an odd thing to study in winter but whatever, it made Ariella happy) Both Gabriel and Ariella loved it so much. They are still talking about it weeks later and even pretend to be caterpillars and butterflies in their play. (And have been eating large amounts of salad greens consequently because that is what caterpillars eat you know.) Ariella has now moved on to wanting to study the human body and we will be starting that next week.

* Seeing the sun for two days on Friday and Saturday. It was so good to see and feel the sun after all the rain we had. We spent as much time outside in it as we could.

* how verbal Gabriel has become. Sometimes it amazes me that he is only two years old. He actually carries on conversations with us now!

* noticing the Robins have returned and are in the yard and garden searching for worms. Unless my memory is failing me this seems earlier than last year.

* realizing that Spring is not too far away!

* making gluten free chocolate chip pancakes for dinner last night and realizing how far I have come in the last two years since my son’s diagnosis and Ariella needing a gluten free/casein free diet. It once seemed like it was going to be impossible ever cooking for all of us. It dawned on me last night how much we have adapted to this new diet and lifestyle to were it seems normal for us now. I never imagined that day would come two years ago.

Thank you to Taryn for hosting Gratitude Sunday. Please be sure to stop by and visit everyone’s post. And thank you all for stopping by and reading this post today.



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