A Handspun Hat for a Tired Little Man

by Cynthia

Remember this post? Well finally, weeks later than anticipated, I finished knitting little Gabriel’s hat from yarn that I had previously spun. I had dyed the roving for this yarn awhile back thinking the cheerful colors would be cute for the toddler in my life.

Yes, that same toddler that is exhausting both himself and his mama these days. He is such a sweet little guy– when he actually sleeps! And these days he has not been getting much of it. His sleep cycle is so thrown off and I am desperately trying to figure out how to get it back on track. Some days he naps, others he doesn’t. Sometimes he goes to sleep at bedtime (8pm). Other nights it takes him hours to fall asleep. I am so frantically trying to figure out what’s going on (is he not running around outside enough? Could it be yet another food allergy?). I worry about the baked potato I recently let him eat. Potatoes always give him tummy trouble. Could that be to blame?

But back to the little hat I knitted for him. I used super soft merino roving when I spun this yarn and I just loved knitting with it. It felt so good sliding across my bamboo needles! I just sort of did my own thing when it comes to a pattern. I wanted it to be a little big so it will fit him for at least another year. I made the rim be just a simple roll so we could roll it up or down as it suits him.

I love how it turned out but what I think I loved the most was how excited he was to see it finished. He insisted on wearing it out and about the second I sewed the pompom on. Oh, and that pompom? It absolutely fascinates him! He watched me make it and was so interested in what I was doing. I hope I sewed it on well enough as he is really intrigued by it. There might be more yarn pompoms in our crafting future….

Trying to take his picture in the hat was probably very comical for anyone that might have seen me. I was trying to keep up with him as he never holds still! I’m sure it looked pretty funny to see me chasing after him all over the yard with my camera in hand.

Now that his hat is finished and wearable Ariella has instructed me that it is time for me to start her pink hat. Updates will follow!

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