Ravelry in Review 12

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

How can it be Friday again already? Crazy how this summer has flown on by! Next week my two older boys go back to school so it feels like summer is officially over. I’m a little sad to see it go but am also really looking forward to Autumn and all that she brings. Today’s review features another mix of knitting patterns that I would love to make. Hope you enjoy them too!


I like the simplicity found in this cardigan. It looks cozy enough for lounging in yet stylish enough to wear out. The pattern also looks to be 3/4 inch sleeves which is another design element that I am fond of.

Presto Cardigan by Kate Jackson

For today’s post I have two patterns from Marjorie Dussaud. I couldn’t decide which one I like more so I decided to feature both! This first one is one I would love to make for little Gabriel. He needs a sweater or two like this one for the up coming rainy weather.

Alpine by Marjorie Dussaud

The second pattern by Marjorie Dussaud is another one I would like to make for Gabriel. This one is a simple little button down cardigan that I find to be very cute. I can just see my little man running around outside wearing this. I definitely want to be casting this one on here real soon.

Alvin by Marjorie Dussaud

Not much longer and I will be looking for a pair of fingerless gloves to wear to keep my hands warm. I think that fingerless mitts make great gifts and this pattern caught my eye because of the detailing in the stitches and even the buttons. I really like it.

Tea Time by Becky Herrick

I’m not sure what caught my attention first on this last pattern for today’s Review. Was it the design or the name? I love the name firefly shrug for some reason! Maybe because it conjures up images of being outside in the evening with fireflies floating about all while wearing this pretty little shrug that you happen to knit all by yourself!

Firefly Shrug by Kathryn Ashley-Wright

I have noticed that I am feeling a bit more scatterbrained lately when it comes to my knitting. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the hectic craziness of our house hunting/move. I want to know what I am doing with my knitting and get more on top of the projects I need to knit (like a cardigan for Ariella and Gabriel for instance). I’m wondering if making a list of all I want to make in the next few months and then prioritizing it will help. (Wait a minute. Isn’t that what the Ravelry Queue is sort of for? If so I might not be using that to my advantage!) How about you? How do you stay on the ball with your various projects?

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