Going to Seed

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

The garden is fading so fast these days. I have been busy gathering seeds from my flower and herb gardens to take with me to our new home. I feel a little sad when I think about leaving this garden behind but excited at the thought of starting new.

Queen Anne's Lace starting to go to seed

I am trying to be picky when it comes to what I take with me. If I could I would take the entire garden with me. Just pick it up and put it on the moving truck with the rest of the furniture!

Borage beginning to go to seed

I’ve always enjoyed gathering seeds this time of year. There is something almost magical about watching the flowers bloom and then set seed.

Bronze Fennel beginning to set seed

I love all the different sizes and textures each seed has.Take the hollyhock seed for instance.

Hollyhock setting seed

Once you separate an individual seed from the entire seed head you will see it is like a little rough disk. I imagine its rough edges enable it to stick to fur (or clothes!) ensuring the spreading of future generations. Isn’t it just amazing that one single seed can grow into such a tall and pretty flower?

Pink Hollyhock in bloom

Ariella has been out in the garden with me during many of my seed gathering sessions and I am so happy to see her delighting in this garden ritual of mine. Yesterday she was collecting marshmallow seeds from our herb garden and scattering them all about. (Which means the next tenants of this home will be finding marshmallow babies here, there, and everywhere come next spring.)

Clary Sage gone to seed

I always collect way more seed than I can possibly grow. I suppose I just can’t let them be—I have to collect them for future use and seed swapping. And if any readers are interested in swapping some seeds with me please do contact me. I love swapping seeds with fellow gardeners and thought it might be fun to try a seed swap with my readers. Come next spring I will have a brand new garden to fill up with little seedlings so a seed swap would be a lot of fun!

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