Lavender Harvest

by Cynthia

In attempts  to keep myself busy so as to not let worrisome thoughts of moving enter my mind I have been puttering around the garden taking note of what plants will come with us if we do indeed move.

A few days ago I went ahead and harvested all four of my lavender plants, all of which happen to be Lavandula intermedia ‘Grosso’. Truly a most ugly name for my favorite variety of lavender if you were to ask me.

Grosso has nice long stems for hanging up to dry or for making lavender wands. I also find its fragrance to be one of the best. But that is my opinion.

This particular lavender harvest has been 3 years in the making. Three years ago I planted little lavender cuttings and carried for them like the little babies they were. Then last year I willfully refrained from harvesting too much instead allowing the plant to grow big and healthy. This year I have been rewarded and the plants are bursting forth with beautiful blooms that the bumble bees are finding irresistible.

{I do feel so guilty when I harvest flowers that the bees just adore. I just can’t help but apologize to them.}

I was able to harvest 5 bundles of lavender off of my 4 plants. Not too bad really!

They are now hanging up in my kitchen drying and filling the house with their intoxicating scent.

I adore the lavender blooms as much as the bees I think!

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