by Cynthia

What a summer it has been! Yesterday my husband and I put in an offer on a 5(!) bedroom home in Washington. I have never been so anxious in my life! We are waiting to hear back from the seller so I am nervously keeping myself busy this weekend.

:: I have been attempting to photograph this Swallowtail Butterfly for over a week now as it flitter flutters about the flowers in the garden. This is probably the best pose it has given me. I’m afraid she is rather camera shy. ::

I am not one to handle change very well and I am starting to realize just how settled I have gotten here in our little house in the Gorge. I am walking around saying to myself “oh, I’ll miss this” and “oh, I’ll really miss that” but most of all I will miss the beauty of this mystical area I have called home for close to 6 years now.

:: Breathtakingly beautiful isn’t it. I promised myself upon moving here that I would never take the beauty of this place for granted. ::

Of course, we have not yet gotten the house so perhaps I am jumping the gun a little (or maybe a lot) but I am still feeling a little nostalgic today. And why I sit here typing away on this blog instead of getting busy with some sort of packing is beyond me!

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