Ravelry in Review 14

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

It’s already Friday?! This past week has sure flown by. My days have been spent stressing over packing and moving. I will be so glad when this is all said and done and we can relax again. I’m not feeling much like pattern browsing this week so I do not have as many patterns to share with you tonight. I do have 4 that I think are some great ones though and I think you will too.


I have only slightly attempted fair isle knitting. I find it to be rather intimidating and so I tend to shy away from it. However, this jacket might get me to try it again. I just love the design, colors, and shape.

Mariel’s Fair Isle Jacket by Patrice Marie

These mittens are just beautiful! Once again, I look at them and feel a bit intimidated but they are just so pretty. I just might have to give this free pattern a try.

Mittens to Order by Diane Mulholland

This next cardigan is just too cute isn’t it? I can totally see myself wearing this one. Definitely my style. And I think I need to cast one on!

Baby Doll Cardigan by Lisa Ellis

Anne Hanson is hands down one of my favorite knitting pattern designers. I love so many of her designs. They are beautiful, elegant, and well written. Here is one that just caught my eye today.

Fallberry Mitts, Hat, and Scarf by Anne Hanson


Despite the encroaching move, I am still busy as ever working on my fall knitting and spinning. I hope to have Ariella’s cardigan finished and photographed in time for next weeks Yarn Along post. How about you? Are you in full swing with your fall knitting?

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