Garden Ponderings

by Cynthia

Do you remember my sea of cosmos that once took over my herb garden? I had let some cosmos go to seed the first year we put in our garden and the following year the herb garden was surrounded in cosmos. For the next couple of years, much to my confusion, the cosmos have been slowly not coming back. I have not really understood this as I always let them go to seed and self-sow as they wish. This year not a single cosmos sowed itself. Or so I thought!

While cleaning up the garden last week I found this little baby cosmos plant just starting to bloom. And so late in the year too! The weather we have had this year must have confused this little seedling as much as it confused me.

Has this ever happened in your gardens? Do you have some plants that reseed themselves like crazy for years only to disappear one year. I am baffled as to what might cause this to happen. Perhaps the little finches that find the cosmos seeds so delightful have something to do with it? Or could it be something to do with the weather? Whatever the case may be I have noticed this happening with several of my plants. Another one to do this disappearing act is my German Chamomile. It was once all over the garden– to the point of almost being ridiculous. This year I only have a handful that self-sowed and they are not doing all that well either. I find it very interesting and have noted it all in my garden journal.

So many memories are found in the soil of my garden. As I look back through my journal records for the past five years one thing jumps out at me: I will miss this garden.

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