Summer-like weather is finally setting in this week! Temperatures have been really warm—and sudden too. A few weeks back found everyone complaining about the cooler than normal temps; now we are all annoyed at the heat! Autumn sounds so nice right now.

The heat has kept me from my knitting for most of the week and really the furthest thing from my mind are patterns for cardigans, mittens, hats, and even socks. So, I thought for today’s Ravelry in Review I would focus on dishcloth patterns. Why? Well, because they are typically knit with cotton (much cooler to knit with in my opinion) and they knit up so fast that it is almost like instant gratification—at least in knitting standards that is!


Love the texture on this dishcloth. (oh, and Debbie’s blog is in my Reader and worth checking out too!)

Waffle Knit Dishcloth by Debbie Andriulli

This next one also has great texture and the pattern comes with instructions to make a hanging towel as well.

Hot (Diagonal) Stripes Dishcloth by Allyson Dykhuizen

Here is a free knitting pattern using two colors of yarn that add a nice touch to an otherwise simple dishcloth.

Easy Ridged Washcloth by Shana Kreikemeier

How cool is this free dishcloth pattern! I love how you can make them as funky as you want depending on your color choices.

Lizard Ridge Dishcloth by Laura Aylor

Last but not least, a super simple garter stitch dishcloth that looks great and is easy enough to whip up in no time. This one is also a free pattern. Got to love the name too!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy by Jan Eaton

This very warm weather has me looking forward to Autumn and the cooler crisp temperatures. I also look forward to wanting to knit hats, cardigans, and mittens again. Once this weather cools down some I foresee more theme based Reviews in the future. Happy knitting and dishcloth making!


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