Container Garden Visitors

by Cynthia

The insanely hot and long heat wave that we have been suffering through is supposed to fade away by the middle of this week. I cannot wait for cooler weather to arrive any longer! Every morning has been a challenge making sure every plant and garden bed had sufficient water to make it through the blistering afternoon heat. Watering containers on my deck twice, sometimes three times a day has been getting old and I am ready for a break!

While out dousing my container grown plants one morning I spotted some garden visitors that had originally showed themselves last year.


Some readers may remember my puzzlement as to why so many Pacific tree frogs had taken up residence in my backyard garden. I never really figured that one out and pretty much chalked it up to the very wet spring we had that year.

Pacific Tree Frogs

Last week was the first time I have seen these little guys this year. I was actually pretty excited to spot them and gathered all my kids to show them off. We huddled on the deck staring at them before I ran and got the camera. They didn’t seem to like being photographed and hopped into the massive comfrey to hide.

Tree frog hiding out in a container of mint

They obviously like my choice of using old coffee cans as pots for some of the mints I grow because that is where I would find them hiding out every morning last week. I would water a coffee can of mint and up would hop a little tree frog and perch on the edge of the can. They would sit there and stare at me for a little while as though saying, “Excuse me, but do you mind not flooding us?!”

Tree Frog

Seeing those cute little frogs every morning made going out to water over, and over, and over not quite so bad.

Sorry if I have disappeared from the blog world this past week. I did not count on the heat zapping my energy and desire to do anything. As Karen from Greenwalks put it, it was far too hot to blog last week. I hope to get back up with everyone’s blog (as well as my own!) sometime this week. Now, come on cooler weather! We’re waiting on you!

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